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Meet The World's Youngest Music Producer

Brandon Bailey Johnson is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and arranger.

Oh yes, and as of Aug. 12, a world record holder.

Brandon, 13, is in the book of Guinness World Records for the "World's Youngest Professional Music Producer."

CBS Evening News-It's Official!Meet the World's "Youngest Professional Music Producer"

EL PASO -- On the streets of El Paso, Brandon Bailey Johnson rolls like any other 13-year-old. But in the family garage, he rocks.

Brandon is a one man band, shredding on the guitar, playing the violin, and banging on the drums. He even plays the piano.

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Q&A with Guinness World Record Holder Brandon Bailey Johnson 


For many 13-year-old boys, an ideal week consists of riding their bikes with friends, Xbox marathons and pizza binging.

While Brandon Bailey Johnson enjoys all those things, one passion of the born-and-raised El Pasoan sets him apart from the average teenager; he was bestowed the title of “Youngest Professional Music Producer” by the Guinness Book of World Records last year. The title came after the multi-instrumentalist composed, arranged, recorded and produced his debut album, “My Journey,” at age 12.


FEATURE: Meet the 14-year-old Composer and Multi-Instrumentalist

Brandon Bailey Johnson is a little killer. He shreds. He sings. He composes music. He holds the Guinness World Records title for youngest produce—a title he earned when his debut album ‘My Journey’ dropped on Feb. 21, 2015. At the time, Brandon was just 12 (and 363 days) old, and had already been composing and preforming music for five years. His drive and raw talent have allowed him to play at venues across the country. 


Youngest Performer to hit stage at Neon Desert Music Festival 

EL PASO, Texas — The Neon Music Desert Festival is set to go for this weekend and there’s not only a local performer on this year’s lineup, but the youngest performer to ever hit the stage at the festival.

Some of the headliners include Nelly, J. Balvin, Foster the People and local singer-turned-music star Khalid, who graduated from America’s High School just last year.

Khalid going national quickly with his American Teen album calls El Paso home, but there's a new teen hitting the stage at the festival who's even younger than him, his name is Brandon Bailey Johnson.

No stranger to the music world he has been performing since he was eight years old but this is a big deal for him.

The Post Journal-Music Producer To Take on Local Shows

Brandon Bailey Johnson became the youngest professional music producer three years ago at the age of 12. Now a connection he made when he was young has brought him across the country to perform in Jamestown. 

Guinness World Records recognized Johnson as the youngest professional music producer with the debut of his first album “My Journey.” Since then, the currently 15-year-old musician has bettered himself non-stop. 

Having learned more instruments and composed several new albums, some personal and some collaborative, Johnson set out on the Good Vibes summer 2018 tour.

His relationship with Miki Girts first put him on the path to success when Johnson was encouraged to participate in open mic nights at an El Paso pizza restaurant. When Johnson was 7 years old, he went to work playing guitar and piano.

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5Qs with Bailey Johnson on New Album

He’s the Guinness World Records’ Youngest Professional Music Producer, a multi-instrumentalist, music producer, composer and arranger.

And, oh yeah, Brandon Bailey Johnson is a 16-year-old El Pasoan who gained the Guinness title at the age of 12, when he released his first album, “My Journey.”

Since then, he’s had 10 more releases, including his latest – the cleverly titled “It’s All Good - EP.”

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